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Dendro Keepers are rad. They keep your hands safe and protect your expensive increment borers. The Designer Series is not just a means to separate you from your hard-earned dollar bucks (though it does), but an opportunity to get your hands on a functional art piece provided by Mother Nature. Each piece is unique and beautiful, and sports three coats of a beeswax & flax seed oil blend. Dendro Keepers are hand crafted, Made in Texas, products of love & devotion and you will be happy every single time you hold and admire yours. Like you, I'm passionate about trees, wood anatomy, and could stare at tree-rings and wood sections all day, so I'm happy to offer a product that allows you to do just that!


Sizes of "designer" Dendro Keepers vary as each one is made by hand from individual blocks of wood. Typically, you should expect an approximately 1.5" - 2" diameter x 2.25" to 2.75" long rectangular prism of your species of choice.


How to Use: Don't overtighten your Dendro Keeper. Just screw in your increment borer till the cutting threads are covered, insert a golf tee, dowel, etc., and voila! The core comes loose.


You can leave your increment borer assembled and not have to stow the metal bit into the handle after each tree! This is one of the best things about Dendro Keepers; they save time, cut the hassle, and keep your borer tips safe.


Joe's Tip: YOU should be metal, but DON'T EVER USE METAL when ejecting cores from increment borer tips. Wood & bamboo are good choices :)

Dendro Keeper - Designer Series


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