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You're working too hard! Take off that handle and let the Dendro Socket™ do all the work. Start, core, and remove increment borers from trees with ease with "the socket designed with the dendro in mind".™


Equipping an impact wrench or impact driver with a Dendro Socket is the easiest way to core a tree. Dendro Sockets significantly speed up coring speed, make it easy on the body, and increase accessibility, enabling people across a spectrum of abilities to get involved in tree-ring work. This is likely the best thing about these sockets!


Dendro Sockets are available in either 3/8" or 1/2" drive. You can also use an adaptor to fit the drill of your choice. In any case, order a couple today and get ready to be amazed at just how easy coring trees has become  : )

Dendro Socket ™


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