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Core Mounts

Core Mounted Twine
Core Mount Groove_edited.jpg

Reliable 2' and 4' long core mounts made of poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera). Custom routered groove is designed to keep your cores nice and cozy, safely mounted for years to come.


*Sizes & Cost:

        Mounts for 5mm Cores

  • 9mm square x 4' mounts = $2.45 per mount

  • 9mm square x 2' mounts = $1.20 per mount

  • 20mm x 9mm x 4' mounts = $3.45 per mount

  • 20mm x 9mm x 2' mounts = $1.70 per mount

  • 50' linear foot bundle of off-cuts (assorted sizes, limited to 2 per order) = $25

       *Subject to availability*


        Mounts for Dendroarchaeology (10mm - 15mm) Cores

  • 15mm square x 4' mounts = $3.45 per mount

  • 15mm square x 2' mounts = $1.70 per mount



        Mounts for Custom Core Sizes or Custom Mount Length

  • Have a unique size or mount length for your project's needs? Send us an email to "talk shop" or receive a quote!


Shipping Info:

Orders will ship within 4 - 6 weeks from date of purchase.

Need a rush order? We will work with you! Send an email for our soonest availability.

Quote will be provided following your request. Typically, core mounts are shipped in bundles of 50 - 200 (200 - 800 linear feet), but larger orders (+1000') are easily accommodated and will ship together in appropriately sized boxes.


In the near future, orders of smaller quantities will be in stock, ready to ship within a week. Stay tuned!

*Please note, core mounts can vary 1 to 2 inches in length (46" - 48" for 4' mounts and 22" - 24" for 2' mounts), depending on timber wholesaler's availability at time of order.

Core Mount Order Form
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