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If you have any concerns or needs, please don't hesitate to reach out. Questions, suggestions, and feedback are all welcome and taken seriously. Please direct emails to

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Reach out by email and schedule a call. We may be able to consult to find a solid solution to your needs. From tree-ring lab start-ups to field sampling issues, Dendro Supply Co. will get you pointed in the right direction.



Become a Dendro Supply Co. Partner

You can help Dendro Supply Co. create a helpful space for tree-ring research. Send an email and see if we can partner to develop dendro ideas. From ideation, product design, prototyping, production, sales, and distribution, Dendro Supply Co. is a reliable partner through the whole process. Have products ready to sell? Consider becoming a Dendro Supply Co. partner and have your products distributed to the Global Dendro Community!

Email: joebuck@oldtrees

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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For inquiries regarding an order, please include your order number and the date your order was placed. Please, use the form or email to

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Generalized location. In the area and want to arrange a meet-up? Send an email to schedule!

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