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  • Why has it taken so long for Dendro Supply Co. to be born?
    Great question! Dendrochronologists are busy people. It's taken a long time because no one really has the time to devote to problem solving some of the issues we dendros face in the field, lab, and with having readily available dendro apparel. This is a work in progress, but Dendro Supply Co. is here for you. Made by dendros, for dendros, you can be sure it's all just getting started and great products are coming! Thanks for checking in, and please keep checking in periodically as we'll be rolling out more apparel and tools soon.
  • What's with the shipping price?
    It's a work in progress. Right now because of the current shipping process we've got blanket shipping cost of $10. This is not ideal, but it will be changing before too long. This means you can order a sticker and be hit with a ridiculous S&H cost. It also means you can order a lot and only have to pay $10 for shipping, too. Again, not ideal, but where it is currently. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated as we're getting everything sorted out. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or particular needs.
  • Why is the FAQ section so small?
    This is a new startup and many things are being worked on at the same time. As such, it will be a little while before all things are revealed and all things are settled. Until then, thank you for your patience and please reach out if you have any questions at all!
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