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Core trees with ease! The Dendro Driver™ allows you to pair standard increment borers with the power of an electric drill. Simply place and tighten the Dendro Driver into the drill's chuck, slide the square end of the borer into the driver and drill into softwoods for core collection.


Dendro Driver is meant for helping core softwoods (mostly conifers). If you have a torque convertor/multiplier (e.g. Metabo 3x multiplier), Dendro Driver works great for most tree species. Use your best judgement when operating power tools, and please mind the torque electric drills are capable of. Twisting/torquing injuries to wrists, elbows, shoulders, etc. can easily occur if you are inexperienced or not taking proper precautions. Operate drill slowly until you are comfortable and stable at higher speeds.


Operate the drill without tightening the Dendro Driver's set screws for quick and easy workflow. If the borer is tough to retrieve, tighten set screws for more stability when backing out of the tree.

Dendro Driver ™


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